by Bop Skizzum

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BOP SKIZZUM would like to thank everyone who has supported the band over the years; you help to make it possible for us to pursue our dreams. Every ounce of positive energy, encouragement and advice - it all helps to drive us forward. We would especially like to thank our wives and families for all their tremendous support. It means everything. Special shout outs to Krista Koehler, Aimee & Bryan Giese, Dave Ratner, Evan Mellichampe, Maddie Casey, JJ Italiano, Christopher Jak, Jeff Kanan, Andrew Berlin, the crew at KTCL and everyone in the amazing Colorado music scene! One final huge thanks to all the people who supported our Kickstarter campaign. You made this album right along with us!


released October 9, 2012

Bop Skizzum is:
Julie Almeria - Lead Vocals
Andy ‘Rok’ Guerrero - Guitar, Vocals
SF1 - Emcee, Percussion
Serafin Sanchez - Saxophones, Piano & Keyboards, Flute
Joe Ferrone - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
John Lake - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Chris Harris - Bass
David Cannava - Drums

Additional Musicians
Stephen Melton Back-up Vocals
Christopher Jak - Back-up Vocals & Guitar

“Fire” / “Do Me Like That” / “Leave It At The Door” written by Andy ‘Rok’ Guerrero, Serafin Sanchez, Julie Almeria, Shane Franklin.

“Known It All Along” / “Do You Want It” written by Serafin Sanchez, Andy ‘Rok’ Guerrero, Julie Almeria, Christopher Jak, Shane Franklin.

“Promise Land” / “Hangin’ Around” / “Say Goodbye” written by Andy ‘Rok’ Guerrero, Julie Almeria, Christopher Jak, Serafin Sanchez. © 2012 Bop Skizzum

“Better Man” written by Andy ‘Rok’ Guerrero, Tim Bruns.

“B-Boy Bop” written by Andy ‘Rok’ Guerrero, John Lake, Chris Harris, Shane Franklin, Serafin Sanchez.

© 2012 Bop Skizzum

Song Lyrics can be found on our website,

Produced by Christopher Jak with Bop Skizzum & Jeff Kanan
Engineered & Mixed by Jeff Kanan @ Silo Sound
Additional Engineering by Nick Sullivan @ Silo Sound
“Known It All Along” & “Promise Land”
Mixed by Andrew Berlin @ The Blasting Room
Additional Production by Andrew Berlin @ The Blasting Room
Mastered by Dominick Maita @ Airshow Mastering

Artwork / Cover Design by Aimee Giese
@ Greeblemonkey / Giese Media

Management: Krista Koehler @ From The Roots Management



all rights reserved


Bop Skizzum Denver

Music has the power to get people dancing and Bop Skizzum likes to take full advantage of that fact. Gathering inspiration from every corner of the record store, the band meshes their alternative pop rock vibe with groove based funk, rock & dance music creating an invigorating blend of unique instrumentation with phenomenal vocals to complete their sound. ... more

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Track Name: Do You Want It?
Do you want it, do you want it now?

I caught myself thinkin’ about you again
Where was the benefit in just being friends?
I was the girl in your pocket
Your kitty on a leash
But baby boy what you did to a girl in her head
Now you see what you’re missin’

Now you’re feelin’ like
I might be your type
Got you thinkin’ twice
I could have been the one
But you didn’t want it

You and I, we could have run this town
You broke my heart with all your messin’ around
You were so eager to please
Everybody but me

So do you want it? Do you want it now?

I’m such in awe, I never knew that you’d be
my perfect height, my perfect type
And if you ain’t the one then baby girl you are the prototype
Cuz I know I’m late to the game, but wanna mate with your frame
and reclaim fame within that brain!
damn I want you now it’s driving me insane!
But you’re the one to blame, cuz now you look so good!
but I understand my lesson from my once misunderstood
Cuz you see it’s all good, yet it’s all bad
and you’re the one that I, wish I had
So let’s turn had to have, cuz we still got time in our hourglass girl

Say my name! (say my name, come on say my name
Say my name! say it softer, say it like a doctor
Say my name! say it louder, come on say it louder
Do you want it? (yeah)
You want it? (yeah)
You want it, want it (You know I want you, girl)
Track Name: Known It All Along
I think I’ve known it, known it
And now I own it, own it
Watch me smile as you sing my song
Cuz I known it all along
Known it all along

You shoulda had a crystal ball in your palm
Or a Miss Cleo to demo what I’ve known all along
You experimented, but I already knew
That I’d be knockin’ off your socks...footloose
I tried to pull you, but you were laggin,
I’m with the band now, so get off my wagon
I’m not cocky, just confident
I’m thee acquired taste, now come and swallow this
I’m what you used to see in your rearview
but see I got some new shoes and I’m running past you
You realized what your eyes thought were brand new
You just a library book, overdue
You tryna figure out what happened like a replay
I like to call it turning tables, DJ
My motivation fuels my self esteem
Instead of riding shotgun now you in the back seat

Grab a number
Get in line
Need a ticket?
Bout time
You wanna play me (hold up)
But rewind
Where were you back in the day

I’m on the rise like a sit up
They used to call me ticking bomb then I blew up (Kaboom)
I moved up like the Jeffersons
I’m staying strong like an erection is, oh yeah it’s definite
Call me Einstein I’m kind of like a know it all,
my disco ball covers ya’ll like some overalls
Judged my book by the cover and that was all
I just wanted your support like a training bra
The brightest color in your crayon box
you never used me though, so your picture sucks
If you didn’t know well now you do
Should have been like a detective and got yourself a clue
Your preconceived notions have led you down the wrong trail
I’m about to end them all, 2012
I guess I’m on stretch like Armstrong
Yesterday didn’t know me now today you’re singing my songs so

All my people who were with me from the bottom to the top
Known it all along, known it all along
Track Name: Promise Land
Who is it that sold you
Those ideas aren’t your own
I know you better than that
How many times have I told you
Lose yourself in the moment
Nothing’s holding you back

Got you missin’
Life you’re livin’
Can’t you see?

If you believe in me, like I believe in you
I won’t let you give up
Don’t give up, don’t give up
Give up on me

Stop thinking it over
Looking over your shoulder
I know you better than that
When you start to imagine
Magic can happen
If you give this a chance

If you believe in me like I believe in you,
I’ll take you to the promised land

Don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up
Give up on me
Track Name: Do Me Like That
I don’t understand
Help me understand
Cause I don’t understand
Why you wanna do me like that
Put a bullet in my back

Blindsided by the rules of the game
I, I, I never thought it would have ended this way
I had a sneaking suspicion
that your conscious had gone missing
you were lying to me like you were the CIA

I need a good drug, but you’re placebo
I need a hero, You’re Dr. Evil
Expiration date, Came a day too late
And I don’t understand how you could do me like that
I’m the matrix, You’re the sequel
The way you played me, Should be illegal
Expiration date, Came a day too late
And I don’t understand how you could do me like that

Left me bleeding at the scene of the crime
this time you finally fucked up and stepped over the line
I had a sneaking suspicion now you’ve got me on a mission
better thank the good lord you didn’t see me today

We were rare, son, Now we’re well done
You’re on your third strike, I need a home run
Expiration date came a day too late
And I don’t understand how you could do me like that
Track Name: Fire
Feel the Fire Burn inside you inside you
Feel the Fire Burn inside you inside you
Got that Kerosene Kickin’ in your Blood, Ignites you.

I’m on Fire!
No Drill
Flow so hot that I burn through steel
I’m on Fire!
Blue Flame
Spit like a dragon and I breathe Propane
And you can’t snuff me out
Stand back and

You’re an ember burning bright
So just let it go
A cinder blazing in the night
So just let it go

I got that spanish fire, fuego
Burn so international
Beach without no sandals
My flame on top, candle
Hot like that joint you’ve been smokin
but its been laced with me
Now feel that pain, inhale my blaze
Now I am what you breathe
I’m in the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat
then I suggest you leave
My lava brings trauma
No oven mitt can handle me
Bombs squads can’t handle me
I’m strapped with TNT
A firework in Colorado
But I pop illegally
I cannot be you Batman, your Superman
I’ma Johnny Blaze
I will not be the fireman
that comes along to intercept the flame
I’m the sun that heats your planet
Make you sweat til you cannot stand it
Burn the bridge that gets you where you live
Cuz I’ma bad brotha got a lot to give
I’m on...
Track Name: Say Goodbye
Where do we go from here?
Today is the day my dear
We finally follow through
Don’t have the heart to say
We can’t go on this way
I know I’m not the one for you

We broke all our promises
Looks like love was blind
All good things come to an end
We just can’t deny
This is where we say goodbye

Goodbye my love

Now there’ll be no more lies
So don’t you act surprised
Cuz you already know

baby the bridge is burned
by too many angry words
there’s no going back for us
Track Name: Hangin' Around
You keep me hangin’ around
Thought I would be your lady
Tell me you love me someday
You keep me hangin’ around

You keep me hangin’ around
You haven’t been calling Lately
You don’t really want me baby
but you keep me hangin’ around

Like an old t-shirt
Dressed up in dirt
You keep me hangin’ around
You wanna let me go
You gotta tell me so
You keep me hangin’ around

You keep me hanging around
Waiting for your confession
I never learn my lesson
You keep me hangin’ around

You keep me hanging around
You always avoid the question
Your games keep me guessin’
You keep me hangin’ around

Just a backseat date
That you call up late
you keep me hangin’ around
You wanna let me go
You gotta tell me so
You keep me hangin’ around

I’m not playing this game no mo’
if you really want me let me know for sho

At the dealer’s door
Lookin’ for a score
You keep me hangin’ around
You wanna let me go
You gotta tell me so
You keep me hangin’ around

I wanna let you know
I’m gonna let you go
I won’t be hangin’ around
Track Name: Better Man
You make me
A better man than I am
Lord knows it’s true
I meet my match and it’s you

And I still got so much learning to do
Honey all I need a lesson from you
maybe one more late night conversation might get me through
I make you laugh, My better Half
I’m simply lost without you

It might take 1000 times to get it right
to hear the same old things you tell me every night
baby now I hear you loud and clear and I see light
I make you laugh, My better Half
I’m simply lost without you

Cause I’m rise and fall, and you’ve taken it all
all the good and the bad, problems we’ve had
You got a lock on me baby
Track Name: Leave It At The Door
If you’ve had a shitty day
Let’s get rowdy, time to play
Come on, throw your cares away
Leave ‘em at the door, leave ‘em at the door

Leave your troubles behind you
Don’t let some drama confine you
Let it go cuz it’s time to
Leave your worries at the door

Leave it at the door
Oh Oh Ohhh

You on an ego trip? (Leave it at the door)
I got some scissors, cut the shit (leave it at the door)
We got no room for it (Leave it at the door)

You came to dance
So just relax
You came to dance
So shake your ass
Let your body move
to the music
And dance your heart out tonight,

Leave it at the door, welcome mat
When life gives you lemons, give them back
Cuz lately you’ve been on the bullshit
I’ve got some toilet tissue
time to wipe it up and be through with it
You just need to smile and shit
and see sometimes...
You just need to shake your ass
and see sometimes...
Your days been nothing but trouble
it’s time to burst out your bubble
I got a needle let me bust you
You taking Jagerbombs something like a terrorist
tryna put together sentences and you don’t make sense
Poor me a cup of that I’m feelin the groove
and if you on some bullshit you better get out my view, cuz