by Bop Skizzum

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Copyright 2010 Bop Skizzum. All Rights Reserved. We know you don't HAVE to pay for our music. But if you love what this band is doing please support us, by playing and sharing this music with your friends, coming to a live show, or buying our merchandise! This helps small independent bands like us make a living playing, and writing music. Thank you!


released March 26, 2010

ANDY GUERRERO - Vocals, Guitar
SERAFIN SANCHEZ - Tenor Sax, Keyboards
Tohbias Juniel - Drums, Percussion
Chris Harris - Bass
Joe Ferrone - Trumpet
John Lake - Trumpet

Produced by: Andy ROK
All Songs written & arranged by: BOP SKIZZUM
Lyrics by: Andy ROK & Erin Jo Harris
Recorded at: Blasting Room Studios, Ft. Collins CO
Recorded by: Jason Livermore and Andrew Berlin
Mixed by: Jason Livermore @ Blasting Room Studios
Mastered by: Jason Livermore @ Blasting Room Studios



all rights reserved


Bop Skizzum Denver

Music has the power to get people dancing and Bop Skizzum likes to take full advantage of that fact. Gathering inspiration from every corner of the record store, the band meshes their alternative pop rock vibe with groove based funk, rock & dance music creating an invigorating blend of unique instrumentation with phenomenal vocals to complete their sound. ... more

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Track Name: Prove it to you
My flame was burning for you
From the minute that I saw your
Long locks & your striped socks
And your dark skin

It was fun
But all the runnin & burnin
Left me blackned & broke as a joke
From steppin on the cracks

From you
I knew it was too much too fast
Couldn't last
But you
Even though I was true
Cuz you just couldn't lose

You had it
But you lost it
You didn't see it baby
And I shouldn't have to prove it to you
And nobody's gonna prove it to you

The minute that you figured out
Your hold was slippin off me
Couldn't stop me
In blaze the aftermath

It was drama
But all the buggin and buzzin
left you scratchin your head at the
sting of this gentlewoman's wrath

We're through, me & you
I hope you learned your lesson well rang a bell
Just so you see
Let me spell it for you
Y - o - u- l - o - s- t- m - e!

Ain't no way around it
Don't need to prove it
Not gonna prove it to you
Track Name: PUSH
What's got you down, girl?
Little pick me up, sis?
What's got you low, son?
Need a pick me up, slick?

What's got you down, champ?
A little pick me up, ace?
What's got you low, ma?
Want me to hook you up, kid?

Got what you want, Got what you need (PUSH)

I got what you want
to make you feel good again, whole again
And I got what you need
to help you get control again, fill you're soul again

Push a man enough and he's bound to break

Push a little bit until it aches
A little hit until it shakes
A little more until it quakes
A little more until it breaks

One way in, no way out no way to live

To make you push, to make you push, to make you PUSH
Track Name: Little Black Book
Punch a number in my phone
Say girl don't want to be alone
Tonight I hope you'll throw this dog a bone

My friends they think I'm tripping
must be all the gin I'm sipping
But there's good time in this book of mine

My friends they gave me a warning
That girl's the only thing going
Right now it’s 3 in the morning
And it's time for a booty call

I knew I (I knew I)
I should have (known better)
But the little black book just got the best of me

Scrolling through my pages
For a girl I haven't seen in ages
Think I'm gonna give this one a ring

We both know what the game is
Girl I wanna run your bases
I'm on deck and ready to swing

Swing batter, batter, swing batter batter

Shoulda known better, shoulda known better than that...
Track Name: Karma
You Better Run!

You're a killer, you're a crook
Your crimes against humanity could fill up a book and
You're never sorry
You never blink an eye

You're a liar, you're a cheat
You leave destruction every step of your feet and
You curse your daddy
You make your momma cry

You've been so down/damn low
Devil's got your soul
Everybody knows
You better watch out Karma's gonna get you

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
The good book says it's an eye for an eye
You'll be lucky if you're left alive
You better watch out karma's gonna get you

Some day not far away
Karma's gonna come
And you'll have to pay
And though you had it coming
You're gonna wonder why

Every crime has a consequence
And you're gonna get yours
When you least expect
And you'll be sorry
You'll break down and cry
You're gonna cry, cuz

Better watch out
Karma's gonna get you
Ain't nowhere to run

Karma's comin,
Sneakin up behind you
With a loaded gun

It's time to pay for it
Pay, pay the piper
what you owe him
Pay for it, pay pay
Track Name: What I Want To Hear
That old familiar way he moves
is makin me high
Blood begins to rush
as he catches my eye

Could there be some love there?
Could he still be my man?

But what I wanna know
What I really wanna know
is what's underneath?
What is in his soul?
Can he let it go?
And show it to me?

And what I wanna hear
What I really wanna hear
Is that you still miss me
But we can make it right
We can apologize
As you kiss me

Can you tell me what I wanna hear?
I don't know, I don't know

And what I wanna know
What I really wanna know
Is if you've changed
And do you wanna know
Do you wanna know if I'm the one
That got away?

And what I wanna hear
What I really wanna hear
Is what you won't say
What I wanna hear
What I really wanna hear
Is that you still love me

But no no no no no
You can't tell me what I wanna hear

This is all that remains
Ashes of our old flame